The Sydney Harbour Bridge
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Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1930
The Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1930
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At we are opening up our site to provide visitors with a range of quality services to select from near to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We are targeting businesses that will meet the requirements of both the traveller, new to Sydney as well as the hardened Sydney-sider who is looking for some fresh ideas.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a national icon and a natural focal point for Sydney, the harbour and the harbour-side areas, whether it is a cup of coffee, a meal, some accommodation or somewhere to shop, we aim to assist our visitors to find top quality businesses that will provide both good value and a memorable service.

Sydney Harbour is one of the worlds finest, enjoy the view and its dynamic nature. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was an engineering masterpiece when it was opened in 1932 and remained for many years the tallest structure in Sydney. Even today, more than seventy years later, the Bridge still dominates the harbour skyline.

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